Spicy Edamame Togarash, habanero aioli   5

Smoked Salmon Pate   Grilled sourdough, micro greens, truffle oil   8

Egg Rolls   Five spice duck confit, sweet Thai chili sauce, crispy wonton wrappers   8

Ahi Poke   Marinated ahi tuna, wonton and nori chips   9

Lettuce Wraps   Spice rubbed pork tenderloin, marinated vegetables, dipping sauces   11

Lobster Dogs   Ginger-leek breaded lobster meat, spicy red banana and tomatillo sauces   15

Sashimi   Assortment of the freshest seasonal sashimi   17

Soups & Salads

Miso Soup   Aged red and white miso, sweet sherry, tofu, mushrooms   8

Cauliflower Puree   Braised shallots, roasted garlic, tempura cauliflower   9

Butter Lettuce   Sherry-shallot vinaigrette, fresh tarragon, pomegranate   11

Sautéed Spinach   Caramelized shallots, roasted garlic emulsion, candied pecans   11

Hearts of Romaine   Tahini-sage Caesar dressing, parmesan crisp   8

Beet Napoleon   Honeyed Goat cheese, golden beet vierge   9

Sushi Rolls

Pink Caddy   Salmon, avocado, jalapeno, cucumber, cream cheese, fresh lemon   11

Striped Dragon   Tempura prawns, ahi, Hamachi, avocado, tsume sauce   14

Turf & Surf   Filet mignon, lobster, avocado, cucumber, cream cheese, tempura battered   13

Sea Worthy   Crab, avocado, cucumber, topped with hamachi and macadamia nuts   14

Money Booter   Spicy soft shell crab, avocado, cucumber, tsume, habanero aioli   13

Tree Hugger   Tempura vegetables, avocado, sweet chili, topped with roasted beets and vierge   10


Firecracker Chicken   Spicy chicken sautéed with snap peas and bell peppers over a nest of katafi   14

Pan Seared Salmon   Sweet soy glaze, miso slaw, wild mushroom rice balls   24

Seafood Hot Pot   Prawns, scallops, lobster dumplings, coconut milk-ginger broth   24

Coffin Bread   Homemade toast stuffed with spicy beef and peppers, shredded greens   16

Roasted Duck   Sweet summer corn ravioli, sautéed vegetable medley, caramel pecan glaze   27

Filet Mignon   Parisian gnocchi, sautéed spinach, wild mushroom demi-glace   32

Braised Short Rib   Pineapple basil puree, roasted fingerlings potatoes, crispy leeks   28

18% gratuity on parties of 6 or more